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Classical Studies Program (Latin, Greek)

Classical Studies examines aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations dating from the Bronze Age to the Fall of Rome, a period of more than 2,000 years. It covers art, archaeology, history, philosophy, religion, and especially Greco-Roman languages and literatures. Many classical masterpieces --in epic, tragedy, comedy , history, philosophy, and politics-- have been fundamental to the development of the subsequent Western traditions.

The program engages the study of ancient Greek and Latin, along with the cultures that flourished in these languages. Since most contemporary English vocabulary is derived from Latin and Greek, students in Classical Studies learn the foundations of our language and culture. Through the analysis of Greco-Roman civilizations, students gain a greater appreciation of the vast diversity of contemporary world cultures.

Students of Classical Studies discover the cultural representations of Greek and Roman antiquity that informed Greco-Roman perceptions, stories, and mythology, from Gods and Goddesses to pride in athleticism, yielding a luxuriant social infrastructure. Students study the theories of the first philosophers of the Western tradition, including Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Classical Studies surveys the legacy of deeds and ideas that dominated antiquity, persisted in the medieval period, inspired the Renaissance, and shaped the modern world. Many current concepts in the humanities, social sciences, the arts and popular culture can be traced to Greece and Rome. From the Ancient Greco-Roman World come ideals, models, and myths upon which America, for instance, has been constructed.

Undergraduate Research and Special Studies

UCR's Classical Studies program is a member of the Southern California Consortium of Classics Department. Faculty from classics departments at four other University of Southern California come to UCR annually to offer special undergraduate seminars in Greek or Latin literature. Students get special tutorial attention from UCR Classical Studies faculty and work closely with advisors in planning individualized schedules. They have many opportunities to study literatures or archeology in Greece, Italy, and elsewhere in Europe. In addition, a valuable prize for outstanding undergraduates studying Latin and Greek is awarded annually.

The program has its own excellent computer facilities that are available for student use, notably the Perseus CD-ROM database of 25, 000 images of art and archeology, as well as extensive collections of texts, maps, and historical narratives. The Department's library contains a fine collection of Greek and Latin texts, dictionaries, and research materials. The program arranges parties, trips to the Getty Museum, and outings to theater productions to round out the social life of the Classical Studies undergraduate.

Career Opportunities

As one of the three partners in the UC Tricampus Graduate Program in Classics (Riverside, Irvine, San Diego), we can offer access to the academic activities of all three Southern California campuses. This provides the opportunity to hear and have dialogue with well-known guest speakers and to participate in three-way satellite videoconferencing and discussion groups. The Tricampus program is also a possible goal for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in Classics.

A Classical education is highly esteemed for its breadth and depth by businesses and professional schools, notably law. A Classical Studies graduate may also pursue graduate training in Classics, Art History, History, Philosophy, or related disciplines.