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Classical Studies Program faculty boasts three members who have won Distinguished Teaching awards. Research areas of the faculty cover Greek literature generally, comedy, historical writing, philosophy, religion, archeology, mythology, athletics, and computer-assisted research; Latin literature generally, satire, historical writing, poetry, the novel, rhetoric, art, and archeology.

Faculty Committee

Thomas Scanlon, Ph.D., Chair
Professor of Classics
2402 HMNSS
(951) 827-5007, x1-1462

David Glidden, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
3304 HMNSS
(951) 827-5092

Robert Griffin, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and French

Benjamin King, Ph.D., Non-voting
Lecturer in Classics
2411 HMNSS
(951) 827-5007 x1-1200

Wendy Raschke, Ph.D., Non-voting
Lecturer in Classics and Director
2614 HMNSS
(951) 827-5007, x1 - 1250